Student Success Tips: TIP #1

I won’t tell you that this will solve all of your problems, help your relationships or cure heartburn–but it can help you to get stable. And stability during any academic year is absolutely vital. So here is the first tip:

TIP #1 Get A Plan
“Going into any semester without a plan is a recipe for disaster. ‘So what am I supposed to plan’ you ask? Try these:

(a) How often do I plan to study and what days/times will I dedicate to study?
(b) Agree with yourself to bury pride and get help when you need it (i.e., from the instructor, or tutor or a classmate)
(c) Decide when to do homework (I used to do homework that was related to what I was studying as often as possible).
(d) SLEEP AND EAT! Did you know that your Nervous Sytem uses the most energy out of all of your body systems? So if your brain needs energy and you don’t give it any, then how do you suppose that it will function???
Try this and let me know how it goes. Feedback is welcomed!!!writing2

What is it about this class that may frighten you?

What are some things about Anatomy and Physiology (or any other science course) that might scare you? I know that when I first got into one of these classes it was rather intimidating because alot of my classmates had a doctor mom and veterinarian dad so they knew stiff already. Another thing was all of these weird words!!! What about you?oh no