One night in May I walked into my family’s apartment to find my mom and dad reading a letter from my university. It said that I was on academic probation and that if I didn’t show up for classes the next day I was going to be put out of school. I had been lying to everyone about my grades and my GPA–and my family was so financially broken that they couldn’t even afford the gas money to send me on the out-of-state trip back to school. So that next morning I packed all of my clothes into a black trash bag, placed my personal belongings into a small box and loaded them into a 1992 Ford Tempo to set out on a journey to return to college. The next several years would see me make decisions that would ultimately change my life forever.¬† Several of those decisions took me from academic probation into becoming a nationally awarded educator. If there is one thing that I tell people, it’s this: “It isn’t always what you don’t know that can get you into trouble–but it’s those things that you don’t know that you don’t know”.

I am an educator, motivational speaker, author, mentor, and a entrepreneur. I have lived on both sides of the teachers desk. Everyday I put my time, talent, and energy into teaching people how to break ideas down to the very last compound–I’ve become a Molecular Ideologist!

Even now that I have become an award winning educator (local, state and national), I try never to forget life as a student–both the successes and the many failures. As a “Molecular Ideologist”, I am all about helping others gain a passion for learning, refining the process of teaching, and broadening access to understanding. In short: I like to make things plain!

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