Before You Go Back For More Fried Chicken, Make Sure That You Read This

I really hate ultimatums; I prefer to have choices and options. That’s why I used to religiously eat at buffets. Those places were created for those of us who truly believe that choices and options are better than originality and consistency. If I was on my way to grab a bite to eat and spotted a buffet along the way, I would make an illegal U-turn and make a mad dash to grab my first of many plates.

What I didn’t realize was that the prices for buffets had begun to slowly increase. It became just as expensive to eat at a good buffet as it was to eat healthy. It really made me angry, because cost had been one of my best weapons in the fight against those who wanted to choose other restaurants. And when I got food poisoning from a buffet that was overpriced and poorly managed I decided that maybe the buffet isn’t the only place to eat.

After some intentional soul searching I realized that my real attachment to the buffet had to do with security. I recognize what was being served at a buffet. I didn’t order the chicken—the chicken was already cooked and I could choose to eat it if I liked what I saw. If I went to a restaurant and ordered chicken I was afraid of giving up my position in the deal. Instead of seeing exactly what I was getting before committing, I had to take a gamble. I had to take a chance and risk the disappointment of receiving something that I really wanted but could not obtain.

Is this your reason for not going to college? Is this your reason for choosing the major that you can complete rather than the major that you truly desire? Is this why you have convinced yourself that you don’t need to go to graduate school? Is this why you won’t just take a chance and travel out of the country to take a new job? My advice to you? Drop the buffet.