6 Reasons That You’re About To Die and You Don’t Even Know It Yet (pt.3)

Reason #3: No One Signs Up For Their Class

One day a teacher noticed that even though she was teaching the same course as another teacher, that his sections were full and hers were not. This is viewed as a pretty bad thing at times because (1) some colleges pay you per course and (2) if your class doesn’t have enough students in it you won’t teach it and you won’t get paid. So if her own courses didn’t increase soon, she could be out of a paycheck. run-for-your-life-517Students didn’t like her class because that teacher had a series of bad habits that offended people. It didn’t take long for new students to notice that the sections would not gain any students until the teacher’s names were posted. And if the names were switched later, the students would switch sections to follow the other teacher. A classroom environment should have basic standards: respectability, learning, teaching, encouragement, challenge, equity, and safety. When the classroom lacks these, folks run like The Purge…and so should you…

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