The Real Reason That You Don’t Pass That Test

Have you ever taken a test and said “Darn! Nothing that I studied was on that test!” I’ve been there many times, and the teacher swore on their mother-in-law’s grave that this test was fair. But why don’t I feel like it was fair? I mean, I didn’t even recognize half of the test and yet he claims that I should have known the answers.

When+the+smart+kids+fails+the+test_055bdc_3831755Well, I soon learned an interesting tip: I was studying more than most of the other students in class but I was not studying and preparing for the type of test. Knowing the format of the test tells you exactly how to study and how NOT to study. If it is multiple choice, go to free, online websites to take multiple choice quizes in order to train your brain to spot the correct answer in the line up. You can also train your brain to spot the incorrect a answers. If its fill-in-the-blank, then practice using terms in sentences. Use the words out loud in sentences around people to improve your confidence in pronouncing the words–this will led to confidence in spelling the word too. If there are true/false questions, then learn to spot words like “everything” or “never” because they are clue words to a false statement.

When you can see the test questions for what they really are, you can become confident going into the test. And if you become confident, you begin to trust the knowledge that your brain has retained. And if you are trusting the material that your brain retained, then you will seeĀ  significant pick up in the
better grades” category.