A Quick Word On Opportunity

A speaker at a conference once held up a one hundred dollar bill and asked the crowd if anyone would come to the stage to give him ten dollar bill in exchange for his one hundred dollar bill. He continued to beg several times for someone to come up and do this until finally one man came running from the back of the room, climbed onto the stage and handed him a ten dollar bill.

The speaker thanked him and said, “You know I actually brought several one hundred dollar bills just in case several people came up but since no one else did I will give you the other nine.” And with that, the speaker handed the man $900 more dollars to make total of $1000.

Some people never act on an opportunity because (1) they are waiting for someone else to go first (2) they are too focused on what someone else will think (3) they don’t have the resources to obtain the opportunity. But the one reason that kills more dreams than anything else is when people do not recognize the value of an opportunity. People fight for what they value. So what are you fighting for?