Get Me In The Mood

I had the entire night planned–flowers, gifts, card, and a top-dollar restaurant. Trust me when I say this: I had thought of everything. It was our wedding anniversary and I was about to leave my wife speechless. Everything was as smooth as a Kem concert until we arrived at the restaurant. Now you’ve got to understand that this was the kind of place that required a reservation weeks in advance, or you were going to be waiting in line until next week. Also, you made sure to save a paycheck for this place because you were going to leave several dead presidents before you left. Once we were seated we started some small talk, and just as I reached out to her hand she leaned towards me to say…”Baby, I can’t see you.”

At first, I thought that it was a romantic metaphor but she repeated it again–this time frustrated. “No, baby, I really can’t see you. Why is it so dark in here?” As I began to look around I noticed that even I couldn’t see beyond the tables immediately around us. I began to hear others complain about the lighting as well. All night, we couldn’t see our menu, we couldn’t see our food, people were tripping over things to get to the bathroom. Someone even fell into a table. So much for the mood. bad date

Your environment sets the mood for everything that you do. Your locale has a direct effect on your productivity. HereĀ are a few places that you should never study, do homework, or attempt academic success. AVOID DOING ACADEMIC WORK AT THESE PLACES AT ALL COST:

(a) Anywhere That You Pay Your Bills: Bills suck and you know it. I don’t know anyone who likes to pay bills. Anything involving the loss of money can become quite frustrating–so why study where you lose money?

(b) Anywhere That You Have Negative Conversations: Don’t study where you fight with significant others. Your strongest memories are those which are tied to memories–good and bad. So your stronger memories of breaking up with your boyfriend can also override the memories that you are attempting to establish for your math test.

(c) Anywhere That Is Fun: Just see the previous reason. It’s the exact same thing.

(d) Anywhere That You Typically Have A Physical Activity: Studying usually involves being still, or, being quite focused. Physical activity will certainly require more movement, focus and mental capacity–so it will gather more attention from you. And if your body really likes this physical activity, then it will surely desire that attention more than focusing on academic boredom.