I Did It For The Free T-Shirt

My freshman year of college was one of many semesters spent without many resources, so free t-shirts were always a carrot on a stick for me.

One night in Tillman Auditorium, the Def Comedy Jam Tour came through our town and the unique opportunity came to have a freestyle rap-battle against one of the comedians in order to win a free t-shirt. I was far too nervous to get on stage in front of so many people but my new friends literally forced me out of the crowd towards the stage. After a few embarrassing moments, I freestyled my way to the winner’s circle and a free t-shirt. As a matter of fact, my last two bars of the rap was:

“I didn’t come to da stage to get my feelings hurt/cuz I’m only up here rapping cuz I wanted a free t-shirt”

The crowd went nuts, the stage burst into laughter, and the judges declared me the winner. Oh, and I still have that t-shirt. My need for a resource outweighed my fear of performing in the unknown. I am gonna say this again: My need for a resource outweighed my fear of performing in the unknown. If you are trying to figure out whether or not to go to college, then you should look at what resources you need to obtain your goals and sustain you on your journey there. If an education is what you need, make your need for the resources outweigh your fear, anxiety and resistance.This isn’t a plug for college education–this is a plug for courage. It takes a lot of courage to go to college, and it takes a lot of courage to decide not to go to college. No matter which direction you might chose to take, you need to believe in where you are going. When I listen to people speak against a college education, they speak with the guilt and frustration of not having the courage or confidence to push for their own dreams. Don’t be those bitter people–instead, chose to be those who strived for what they wanted and made decisions based on the end goal and not the temporary oppositions.