“What’s The Phone Number For 911?” Part 2

The second reason for not asking questions at times is that we confuse the process of asking for help with admitting defeat. “Help” and “Quit” do not sound the same, are not spelled the same, and are not even located on the same page in a dictionary. Much of this is developed from childhood. I cannot think of one award that is handed out in kindergarten for a team–only awards for individuals. You are encouraged to gain awards based on your individual achievements throughout your academic career, only to find that the world revolves around leadership and teamwork.

SOLUTION: Teamwork happens when a group of people admit that they need help from one another and that they can give help to one another. You need to make your academic success a team effort. You must search for others who share your desire for success–and desire to share with you so that you can become successful. Student success centers are beginning to pop up all over the country, and students are finding that these places provide the collaborations needed in order to be a successful student. If you are having trouble with your classes. ask yourself this question: “Who is in my fellowship of the ring?” In otherwords, who do you communicate and collaborate with for your success? Just like a successful business, you need partnerships: tutors, academic success coaches, study groups, focus groups, college skills classes, peer mentors, guidance counselors, academic advisors, faculty advisors, librarians, clubs, organizations, mentors, etc.–just to name a few. Don’t do it alone, because the journey is simply far too long…


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