I’ve Been Busy…

I don’t know if I can event begin to explain what has been happening the last 10 months. I will summarize it:

SCTEA Educator of the Year

GTC Professor of the Year

Nominee for SC Professor of the Year

Recipient of Grant for Innovative Education

…and the list actually goes on and on. People have been trying to figure out how this is happening, but it has to do with passion–and this passion came from pain. This pain came from failure, and the failure came from a lack of passion.

Passion is essential to becoming a successful student. There is absolutely no way that you can succeed in school without having passion, because passion is the vehicle that you use to overcome obstacles during your academic journey.

So what is passion? It’s that thing that keeps you up at night…what you can’t wait to get home and do…what you would do for free…what you would leave your current job to do..what you would do if you had the time and/or the money…what you think about constantly but lie to everyone a say that you aren’t thinking about anything…that thing that you are too embarrassed to share, even with yourself…THAT’S passion.

Passion is the motivator that pushes you to push back, push forward and push on. You need it to succeed, and it needs you like a sword needs a warrior. Passion will help you move forward when the fogs of frustration and uncertainty set it. And Passion helps you to identify what matters the most. If you must take any weapon with you on this journey, make sure that you pack several refills of passion–locked and loaded.



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