May I Slap My Teacher?

When I was in my Junior year (the second one), I took an organic chemistry lab with a teacher that I will never forget. The teacher spilled acid all over my midterm project, and wrote a note in it that said “You will fail my class!”.

Now, I know what you are thinking: “That’s not possible! No one is that crazy!” Well, she really, really was that crazy and I knew that I needed help. So I took the notebook to the Department Head and explained my situation in detail. Before long, the instructor was removed from our class, and the Department Head taught our lab for the remainder of the semester. I even got a ‘B’ in the course.

Out of ALL the classes that I have ever taken, that was one of the wackiest teachers that I have ever had. Also, that instructor had a growing record of past issues. I learned earlier in my undergrad career that there was a professional way of handling things. I also learned that if I handled things in a professional manner, that someone along the chain of command would acknowledge my desire to handle things with integrity–and that I would be awarded the justice that I deserved. As crazy as your instructor might be, yo must always take the highroad while pushing your grievance higher up the authority ladder. Remember: the craziest person in the conflict wins the argument, but loses credibility.