Excuse me, but do you mind if I date your study partner?

Last year, I looked at my old undergraduate transcript and saw a semester of classes that didn’t look that familiar to me. I kept looking at the classes and half of them took me a very long time to recognize. And even after realizing what the class was, I couldn’t remember who taught it or where I even took it. I was pretty bothered by this, until I realized that this was a semester that I dated…ALOT. To balance this newly found passion of mine, I was certainly not balancing my academic life very well.

When you are a “social butterfly” it is easy to do what you do, without doing what you should do. But this counteracts the entire focus of Discipline. Discipline is choosing to invest in your future now, in order to gain a return later. You will never become successful later if you are not successful at being disciplined now. I found that there are some underrated things that you can do to become more disciplined in your academics:

(a) “Find a place where you can be alone…that none of your friends are allowed to go or even know about.” I used to hide from people when I studied. They hardly ever found me. And if anyone ever did, I made that the last time that I studied in that physical location. When your mind knows that no one is looking for you, then it will not focus on trying to allow you to be seen.

(b) “Turn your cell phone OFF.” I cannot tell you how many times i watched people get completely away from their work because they were checking their cell phones. I still watch them do it today. They show up to study sessions that will last an hour, but spend 25-45 minutes on a cell phone. You should have just met that individual in person and texted your study group instead…

(c) “Never date someone who doesn’t understand and agree with your academic goals.” Some people inspire and empower you to succeed, while others simply drag you down. I have watched students date someone who dropped out of school, only for that person’s attitude towards academics to begin rubbing off on the person who is still in school. I’ve watched that influence go both ways too. I’ve seen the boyfriend who dropped out of school but picked up two jobs to put his girlfriend through school while I watched a boyfriend sabotage his girlfriends’ study time which led her to academic probation. Always stay mindful of becoming connected with individuals who do not value an education on the same level that you do. There is bound to be conflict.

So what you think? Are there any other tips that you feel that I should add? Post a comment and let me know!