If I Had A Nickel For Every Time: 3 Things About Studying That Will Never Change

We are living in the day that we microwave Minute Rice–and complain that it should have happened sooner. Because of this, we think that studying should work like a Google search. The longer that I teach, the greater the divide that grows between my students who accept their fate of studying versus those who fight the need to be academically assimilated.

The truth is simply this: regardless of how advanced our technology may become, studying will always be there–and there are very few things about studying that will change.Here are three things about studying that have been around for centuries, and will continue to be around for centuries to come.

Fact #1:”When you study, you are learning

Everyone has to learn SOMETHING. And when you are learning something new, outside of the classroom or guide of instruction, then you are studying.We study dances to make sure that we will do them correctly at the next party. We listen to songs so that we don’t sound stupid as we sing them out loud. We look up multiple recipes for our favorites foods. We study all of the time because we do not know and understand everything. “Studying” is not a dirty word…dirty words are what you say out loud when you find out that you have to actually study…

Fact #2: “You can’t study for every subject the same way”

I refused to believe this when I was in school, and I have the poor GPA to show for it. Someone lied to you. They told you that if you worked hard, that you would go to college and succeed. That’s bovine feces and you know it.  Every subject has a group of fundamental basics that make its world spin on an academic axis. Physics always has formulas that utilize stated variables. English is always about being grammatically correct while utilizing numerous methods to convey a complete thought. You get the idea, right? You can’t possibly study for English and Physics the same way unless the teacher teaches it the same way. And even then, you may find yourself never acquiring the grade that you desire.

Fact #3: “Studying is work”

I have never been one to find the most difficult method to do anything.If there is an easier way, then I will do what must be done to find one. I pride myself in using maps, pinching pennies, doing budgets, researching deals and always having a back up plan for my back up plans. You want to know my secret to this diligence? Because I hate work–especially work that interrupts my fun. So I work hard so that I can play hard. If you work hard, but remember to play hard, then you will feel rewarded after studying hard. But you must (a) study smarter than you study hard and (b) study when you can focus. If not, then you will hardly study rather than study hard every single time.