One Of The Greatest Keys To Academic Success

On Friday I spoke on a Alumni panel at Clemson University about the keys to academic success. I had so many things that I wanted to say, but when I grabbed the microphone I knew that there would be one thing that needed to be said: Change Your  Perspective.

The perspective of a student can determine whether or not that student will pass or fail, excel or survive, tolerate or learn. Your perspective is such a powerful factor in overcoming an obstacle, that media outlets spend countless amounts of money to influence the mind. I changed alot of things about myself when I was on academic probation, but the thing that I changed that made one of the greatest impacts was my mind.

If you change your methods without changing your mind, then your mind will return to what is familiar–even if what’s familiar is what’s wrong. If you change the company that you keep without changing your ind then you will go back to bad or unfruitful relationships. If you do not change your mind, then you will leave places that hinder you, only to use precious resources to get back. You must change your mind–change your perspective–in order to fulfill your destiny of being successful. Otherwise, you will find yourself watching someone elses success while saying to yourself “I should have thought of that”…