“Oh @#$!, I’m In College!!!”

One of the most underrated, underestimated and forgotten tips that can be given to anyone who wants to become a successful student is to make sure that your lifestyle promotes academic success. I studied and studied hard during my freshman and sophmore years, but their results landed me on academic probation because my lifestyle never supported my attempts at success.

I guy named Dr. Mike Murdock said a rather intersting thing once: You only have 24 hours in a day so treat every hour like an employee and make them work for you. Take out 7 sheets of paper and number the lines one through twenty four. For the next seven days list what you do for each of those 24 hours. You’ll know rather quickly about what lifestyle you have, and whether or not it remotely looks like that of a student. I’m almost certain that you will realize where changes need to be made. Or, you might be like me when I did this for myself and say “”Oh @#$!, I’m in college!!!”