This Class Is Stupid–I Quit! (Questions 7 and 8)

Question #7: Am I studying or am I struggling?

Sometimes we want to retreat because the opposition is difficult. You know what I mean: you begin studying for a test two days before the test when the difficulty of the class requires for you to begin studying a week before the test. If that is the case, then you are not struggling–you simply need to work on your studying. However, if no amount of help is helping you in that class and it is the only class that seems to be posing a problem then baling out might be an option. However, before baling out you will want to speak with the instructor about what you could have done to have been able to stay in the game. Why? Because if this is a required class then you will have to re-visit it again anyway…you might as well have the 411. BE HONEST with this one. Evaluate what you are doing versus what is required for the class CLOSELY. You could very well be one study group session a week from passing the class.

Question #8: Where is my schedule? Do I have one?

College has a dark, sinister secret: if you cannot manage a schedule AND make that schedule work for you then you are in for a frustrating ride. I have watched people manage a schedule, but they were unable to get it to work for them. When I mean a schedule, I don’t mean a class schedule–I’m talking life schedule. I will never forget the day that I forgot that there was an exam. I walked into class, sat down, and began pulling out my notes and noticed that everyone else was putting everything away. I cried the entire exam. Tears flowed as I prayed for a miracle. Well, I failed that exam, and I received a lesson for my miracle. That lesson was that I needed to schedule my life and tell my hours where to go. “Your hours are employees–so put them to work” (Dr. Mike Murdock). If you do not know the plan for tomorrow then tomorrow will create a plan for you. More than likely, you will not like that plan, and it will take you in the opposite direction in which you wanted to go. When you do not plan to pass, you plan to fail…

This Class Is Stupid–I Quit! (Questions 5 and 6)

Question #5: Is this class part of my Major?

If the answer is “Yes”, then you will want to asnwer the other nine questions before dropping this class. The reason is simple: if it is part of your Major, then you will have to take the class at some time or another in order for you to escape…er, I mean, graduate. If you ever plan on dropping a class that is part of your Major, always have a PLAN as to 

(a) When will you take this class again? (semester, day vs. night, cost per credit hour, which campus, etc)

(b) If I was barely passing or failing when I dropped this class, how will I pass the next time?

(c) Do I have support and resources for the next time that I take this class? 

Question #6: Who told me to take this class?

If you are dropping the class because someone gave you false information about the class and it has turned out to not be what you thought it was going to be then by all means feel free to drop it. But ask yourself this question: why did I sign up for this class? If your answer is “because someone told me to” then I would like to get your contact information because I have a white elephant to sell you. You should always know why you are taking a class–and if your advisor (whether it be an Academic Advisor or your cousins Pookie and Ray Ray) says why, then make sure that you understand and agree with their “why”. Your transcript will hae your name on it, not theirs–so know why you make the choices that you do or you will continue to pass your right of choice on to others and attempt to pass the blame for failure on to others rather than learning from this mistake.