Join The Revolution–Be Careful of the Company That You Keep Part 3

Now its time that we talk about what it takes to be a good sheep. In a way, it takes alot and yet it takes very little. Just be like a good sheep and follow…that is the easy part. However, HOW to follow is the difficult part. Let me explain.

Any sheep who is following a good shepherd must be able to (a) hear and recognize the voice of their shepherd (b) feed when its time to be fed and (c) move when it’s time to move.

“…hear and recognize the voice of their shepherd…”

A good shepherd is worth listening to. They instruct you to empower you. You want this empowerment, because it will go a long way beyond typical teaching. It will do everything from hinting to you what is testable material to helping you understand different aspects of your next job.

“…feed when its time to be fed…”

As humans, it is our nature to be rebellious. So when our shepherd tells us to feed–or maybe I should say, read–then we turn away from the opportunity. A good shepherd never makes you read for busy work. there is a direction that they want to take. There is something there that they want you to grasp. There is something there that they want you to apply. Reading is like working out–if you don’t, then you will simply be overweight in ignorance. The problem is that our culture is full of ignorance obesity so we blend in instead of sticking out. The fine print in my bills aren’t getting any smaller–they know that we don’t read anymore, so why bother to hide it?

“…move when it’s time to move…”

If you have been listening and reading, then you will know when your shepherd moves to the next topic and discussion. Sometimes its difficult to keep. I talk really fast in class, and I am constantly throwing side comments into the mix so i don’t make it very easy. Some people are extremely linear and they never deviate from the road. Whichever way your shepherd teaches, you can alleviate alot of stress by merely knowing where they are in the class material. OnceĀ  there was a student who thought that we were in Chapter 9 when really we were in Chapter 10. Students in class gave her the most hard and angry look because I told everyone what chapter we were in 5 times within 5 to 6 minutes. That students had been talking and laughing in class, disturbing others around her. Other students immediately came to me after class to complain about her. When I confronted her, the first thing out of her mouth was that she really is trying to keep up in class. Now wait: that’s not what I was coming to talk to you about–so why the sudden defense on that subject? Because guilt speaks. Many times, we get lost in a class not because the material is too hard and that we study better outside of class, but because we do not desire to FOLLOW anyone but ourselves. Our own rebellion has gotten us lost, and although we lost our way we managed to find blame to justify our misconstrued position.

I never said that sheep had to be dumb, but they do require direction. Looks like these sheep are leaving class early...