Why Your High School Student Will Fail College-Part Three

II. Failure

The first class that I ever failed in college happened and I was too dumb to even know it. I had never failed ANYTHING before I arrived to college, and in one class I managed to receiev a “D”. Now a “D” is the same as failing in most colleges because of what it does to your GPA. However, in high school, you could make a “D” and still pull an “A” in the end so it never bothered me. No sir, that “D” nor any of the others that I received bothered me one bit until I received an “F” in a class. How I received that “F” is a story for another day, but had I learned from the “D’s” then I would have been prepared to retaliate against the “F”.

I had no idea as how to react to that “F”. Actually, I was quite numb to it. Those “D’s” didn’t get me grounded, they didn’t stop me from getting dates and they didn’t hurt my popularity one bit. There was no consequence of failure until it was almost too late. As a matter of fact, that was the first time that I has ever tasted academic failure. It was no one elses fault–it was ALL mine 🙂

My point is that I experienced a failure that was mine and I took ownership of my mistake. I do not believe that I would have ever defeated that moment in my life had I not taken responisbility for my loss. I could have very well used the excuses that had been used by others at that time (like racism, bad instruction and biased testing practices), but that allows me to keep my track record clear of failures as if I have a perfect seasonal record. When you do not acknowledge a failure, it presents the false option of choosing NOT to review your previous playbooks and the false idea that there is no need to change. Take your “L” like a man/woman 😉