Broken versus Broken Off-Part One

College is like jumping out of an airplane:

1. The more prepared you are, the better chances for survival

2. If your parachute doesn’t work, there is a high probability that you won’t walk away from it

3. If you do walk away, you’ll have a great story to tell

4. Taking the first step is the most difficult, and when you land,  the first step will never be the same

I greatly enjoyed college. It opened doors for me and introduced me to opportunities that I may never have had otherwise. I have friends who loved their college experience, but I have a few who wouldn’t mind never seeing that campus again. I even have a few places on that campus that, when re-visited, gives me the creeps like Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th).

There are a few experiences in life that can truly change a person for one or two ways (better or worse) like college can. College tends to place individuals into two categories: Broken and Broken Off. Now I will admit that I have met a few people who did not experience either one. They are true exceptions to this rule, and as they grow older they may share the truth to how this occured. For example, I know of a person who did not fall into either category, but they will also admit to you that they worked VERY hard to remain entirely removed from the college culture. So they were never connected to the culture, and they can tell you about how much of their life that they watched from afar. For the next two weeks I want to define these two groups (Broken and Broke Off) and shed some light on the good, bad and ugly of both. Plus, I want to hit on some precautionary measures that can be taken as well as survival and rescue techniques–stay tuned…