Allow me to be straight to the point: I HATE studying, but I am PASSIONATE about learning. There is a HUGE difference, and it’s what got me through school. Heck, it’s what makes me passionate about teaching!!! It is the reason why I can find such an interest in the most boring things at times.

I quickly learned in college that there were things that I simply did not like to learn. For example: I hated (and still hate) statistics. Allow me to be slightly partial: Clemson University has some of the best experiemental statistics instructors in this universe–because they helped me to see why in the world I needed the stuff. And when all else failed, they showed me that some of it was simply necessary to graduate…shucks, that’s a good enough reason for me! But then they showed me how CNN uses it, and how NASA uses it, and how political parties use it, and how the developers for games on the the XBOX 360 use it and I wanted to actually learn about it and not just study it.

You see, I have a personal belief. I believe that we study what we don’t want to know and learn what we like. I studied economics but I learned about reproductive physiology (don’t think too hard on that one). I studied calculus but learned about microbiology (especially about food microbiology). I studied for my first physics course, but I learned about animal behavior (I owned at least 2-4 animals almost every year of my entire life and I owned my own farm on 26 acres when I was just 14).

I learned about what I liked, but I simply studied what I didn’t. Is that a bad thing? Nope. But sometimes learning tends to be a bit easier than studying because we tend to learn what we take a natural interest in  OR we have natural talents in one of those areas. If you challenge me in sports and give me a choice between tennis and basketball, then I’ll choose basketball–I suck in tennis and I do not know enough about it to formulate a good strategy. I learned alot about basketball because I was good at it and I liked it. Stop. Read the previous sentecne again. No, wait. I’ll just repeat it for you. I learned alot about basketball because I was good at it and I liked it. With things that I like, I treat them like a adventure–with things that I do not like, I treat them like a task or a chore. Is either way worse than the other? Nope, not at all. But when I am HONEST with myeself about which one I am   dealing with, it makes it quite clear to me as to what method I will have to employ in order to successfully excel in that class. I am asking to fail if I attempt to “learn” in a class that I should “study” for. In other words, if you hate Chemistry, you will not be able to learn it as relaxed as you would in the World History and Anthropology classes that you show up 10 minutes early for. Your brain simply doesn’t work that way. Become honest with the way that you must approach a class and you may find a greater reward for all of that hard work that you are putting in.