Life Is Like A Rabbit Cage

Allow me to set this one up for you: my wife has a rabbit–it’s a Netherland Dwarf. It lives in a large cage indoors and it has several items that it is rather possessive about. But that isn’t why I am writing about it. One night–LATE one night–I heard strange noises coming from a room down the hall. The constant noise woke up my wife and made her quite nervous.

“Please go and see what that is!”, she said. Frustrated over the precious little sleep that I was now losing, I rolled out of the bed and proceeded down the hall with the intention to kill whatever it was making the noise–whether it be a cat, a rabbit, a neighbor or whatever. What I found making all of the racket was nothing more than the rabbit in her cage having a home improvement session. Apparently, she didn’t like the way that we had everything set up in her cage and so she took the time out–several hours of time–to move EVERYTHING around.

Now listen, this is no large rabbit. Netherland Dwarfs fit in the palm of your hand, and so does she. She had been moving things around far larger than her and alot heavier. Once she finished, she climbed into her nesting area–quite content–and went to sleep. The next morning I sprang up to go back and make sure that I had really just witnessed what I thought that I had, and sure enough, she had moved everything around to her specs in order for her to have maximum enjoyment. Automatic feeder: re-positioned. Water bottle: re-positioned. All stationary toys: repositioned. One Crazy Rabbit: repositioned and now content.

Life is like the rabbits cage:

1. Sometimes you don’t have the power or resources to move the cage

2. The items in the cage with you are all that you have and they are positioned in such ways that create more of a headache than a help

3.  The ideal solution would be more space in your cage but some idiots keep adding items to your cage (and they do it with a smile and think that its cute)

School is this fickle beast that adds so many things to your cage (projects, oral exams, research papers) yet it does not make your cage any bigger. So what do I do when this occurs? Become a Crazy Rabbit and move things around in a format that allows you to effectively function. Here is what I mean:

1. I noticed something about me whenever I study: if I surround myself with items that make me feel like I am studying, then I WILL study. I don’t go out and buy new things, I simply use what I have. It amazes me as to how many students attempt to study without a dictionary. They do not recognize the terms yet they expect them to simply  ‘make sense’ by the time they take the test. I did this ALL of the time and found that having a vocabulary is key to science class survival. Surround yourself with tings that make you feel like a successful student. Then, when you are done studying PUT THE ROOM BACK TO THE WAY THAT IT WAS. You don’t want to make your environment become familiar. That’s like leaving your Christmas tree up year around: what makes it any different on December 25th than June 25th?

2. Change the sounds of your study environment. Same stereo, different CD. Don’t listen to talk radio, but instead play back your recorded lectures. If you are studying about the digestive system in class, then don’t play BET videos in the background.

3. Learn to say no, or learn how not to say yes. Pick one, or, learn both. Ever since I learned both, I get alot fewer calls for last minute issues/favors anymore because I am in control of most of what comes into my cage. But what about the items that you cannot control? You need to analyze the season of life that you are in at the moment. If you are in a season of life where the things being put into your cage are beyond your control, then you may need to back away from taking that full semester load. Only you know how many external items you can handle being placed into your life cage, so be constantly aware and at times make it verbally known.