Sometimes I Just don’t Feel Like It

I’m sorry, but sometimes schoolwork feels like a bunch of worthless, busy work. I would call it a few other things but they could be received as quite offensive. Sometimes you really do not feel like being diligent. I mean, I feel that way right now. I have been trying to get myself to do something constructive for an hour but I simply cannnot get motivated. I can’t even get motivated to do NOTHING 🙂

Why not? Because my brain is TIRED. I was thinking and doing ALL week long, whether I was in a 4 hour meeting or teaching nearly seven and a half hours straight or advising students or settling disputes. I have not given my brain one time this week to really just relax. Even when I SAID that I was relaxing my brain, I really did not. Have you ever reached this point? The point where your brain wishes that it could quit, but it just keeps going without your consent? I attempted to sleep, but I woke up twice because I had not finished a previous thought.

Once I am done sending this post, I will be following my own advice so pay close attention because I have been in this situation more times than I care to admit:

  • #1. I’m Going To Change The Sound In My Home: All I am hearing right now is my next door neighbor who is having choir practice (don’t ask) and the humming of my computer. I’m going to listen to something that I WANT to hear–something that will allow my mind to rest but be entertained. Nothing that will add to the noise but instead will add to my relaxation.
  • 2#. Get Away From Work: I have so much work laid out in front of me it’s a shame. I’m going to put it all out of sight to start with on Monday. As long as I see it, I’ll want to do it. The longer it takes for me to complete the more frustrated I will become. The more frustrated I become the more distracted I am and the more distracted I am the less I accomplish.
  • 3#. Change My Current Environment: Could it be that I have turned my place of relaxation into my place of work and frustration? if the first 2 don’t work, then I’m out of here…