Step Two to Student Success Tip #4

Step2: Become Honest With your Calendar. I have never understood why a student would take 12 credit hours of intense science courses during a 10 week summer semester , and try to plan a week long vacation with friends (I did this with my weekends, and boy did my GPA pay for it). Inevitably, they return from this vacation shocked that they were unable to study Chemistry and Calculus in the lounge section of the club on ladies night. I had my share of late nights in the club and frat parties, and I paid for it in Monday exams (to make it worse, I remember the parties more than I do the exams that I bombed).timemanagement There are moments on a calendar which will involuntarily switch your focus from the world of the academics to the world of personal issues. Now of course people believe that they can be the one person to defy these odds, although they have never attempted anything like this before. I have had students who were pregnant, students who were getting married during the semester, students finalizing a divorce, undergoing a bankruptcy, moving from another state, living in their car and more. These students passed AND graduated–HOWEVER, I have had several fail and not complete school during these moments . The difference that I observed fell upon timing and understanding their calendar. Those who succeeded knew that time was of the essence and planned their life around their education, or obtained a academic schedule that could be formed around their life and focused on keeping it that way. Because of the careful planning and wise counsel, they were able to use the timing of their situation to their advantage, instead of their situation taking advantage of them and taking away their time.

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  1. This is so true and I wish someone had sat down and explained this to me during my few years of my undergraduate studies. The struggle was real during those years, because partying and studying were of equal importance to me at first. Now that I am in grad school, many years later, I have structured my day so that the times my kids need me the least, I usually roam FB and/or work on hobbies are now converted to study times. I also stepped back from volunteering during the semester to free more time studying. Being married, having 9 children and going to grad school isn’t easy, but what has made it possible is that I realize that I have to priortize school over leisure.

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